What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an online retailer with a global presence, secure payment processing, reliable tracking and payouts, and an extensive affiliate network.

Vendors can create and sell both digital products (such as ebooks, software, and membership programs) and physical goods through ClickBank. Customers purchase those products through ClickBank’s secure order form, which accepts credit cards and PayPal, and provides advanced fraud protection. We also provide live customer service and support to customers who need it!

With ClickBank’s affiliate program, affiliates can promote vendors' products and earn huge commissions. Affiliates use a ClickBank-provided referral link called a HopLink to direct customers to the vendor's site. If a customer then purchases a product, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale that is credited directly to their ClickBank account. Our platform features reliable tracking and commission payouts that are made on time, every time. 

This synergy allows for vendors to focus on selling great quality, high converting products as affiliates help them scale their businesses to new heights - both earning big in the process!

If you're interested in becoming a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, this Knowledge Base explains how to do so. The How To Find Information article explains how the information in the Knowledge Base is organized. The Vendor Overview and Affiliate Overview articles also provide abridged walkthroughs on how to get started!

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    Joseph Martin

    Thank you for helping out new affiliates.

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    Thank you for helping us!

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    John Morgan

    thanks for explaning

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