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    Dariusz Swierk

    "If the assistance will take longer than 24 hours, but the customer agrees to wait for assistance, you can change the ticket to a tech support ticket."

    Do I understand correctly that there are only 24 hours in total to answer the customer so that he agrees to wait?

    What if my answer and his agree will take more than 24h? Eg Client agreed to wait, but he did it too late and the refund is automatically processed. Then what? I do not want to have nervous customers :/

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    Owen Allen


    The amount of time before the refund is processed depends on when the product was purchased and its type. For many products, though, you are correct.

    We understand that you want to save sales, and the time frame to do so can be tight. However, the longer we wait, the more customers who do want refunds will get frustrated and charge back the order instead.

    The best that I can say is that you should try to contact customers as soon as possible when they request a refund. You may end up having a few customers who change their mind too late, but I don't think there's a perfect time frame that will avoid that issue while still preventing chargebacks and frustration.

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