Email-Based Affiliate Attribution

Email-based affiliate attribution is a vendor feature that lets you give commissions to affiliates based on the email address of the customer.


Email-based affiliate attribution is an alternative method of providing affiliate attribution. Unlike HopLink or Lifetime Commissions, email-based affiliate attribution can give a commission to an affiliate up to 60 days after the email is provided, even if the customer does not use a HopLink to access your pitch page. If you are planning a webinar, multi-layer content-based funnel, or other lead-generation campaign, you can use email-based affiliate attribution to more reliably give credit to affiliates who are involved.

You must contact ClickBank to gain access to this feature. Once you have access, you must enable it before it can be used.

Once the feature is enabled, you or your affiliates can pass a customer email address to ClickBank to trigger the attribution. The email can be passed in one of two ways:

  • You (the vendor) provide the customer email address and the affiliate nickname to link together with your vendor nickname using URL parameters.
  • The affiliate provides the customer email address as a HopLink parameter.

If a customer email address has been passed to ClickBank and associated with an affiliate, then when the customer purchases your product and uses the specified email address, the specified affiliate receives the commission. The email is retained and associated with the affiliate for 60 days.

Email-based affiliate attribution works regardless of platform or browser, and does not depend on the link used by the customer to reach your product page.

In the Transaction report, the Commission Attribution column shows what method was used to make the affiliate attribution (HopLink, email-based affiliate attribution, or a new or existing Lifetime Commission). For example:

THis image shows the different Commission Attribution column values. The values are Lifetime Commission, New Lifetime Commission, Hop, and Email Address.

Attribution Hierarchy

Other methods of affiliate attribution, such as HopLinks or Lifetime Commissions, take precedence over email-based affiliate attribution. For example, if you associate a potential customer's email address with Affiliate A, but the customer follows a HopLink from Affiliate B, then Affiliate B receives the commission.

Admin-Controlled Feature

This feature is admin-controlled. Contact ClickBank if you want access to this feature.

Developer-Required Feature

If you plan to perform email-based affiliate attribution using a URL, you will need a developer's assistance.


To use email-based affiliate attribution, you must first enable the feature, then link the affiliate's account nickname with one or more customer email addresses.

Enabling Email-Based Affiliate Attribution

NOTE – Before you can enable email-based affiliate attribution, you must contact ClickBank to gain access to the feature.

You can enable email-based affiliate attribution for your account. Once it is enabled, you will be able to associate customer email addresses with affiliates, and affiliates will be able to use the customer email parameter.

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click My Site.
  4. Scroll to the Managing Your Affiliates section.
  5. Click the Enable Email Based Attribution checkbox.
    Email-based affiliate attribution is now enabled.

Performing Email-Based Affiliate Attribution Using a URL

You can establish the attribution relationship between customer, affiliate, and vendor by making a call to the ClickBank URL endpoint. Each relationship must be added using a separate call.

The syntax for this endpoint call is:{vendor_nickname}&affiliate={affiliate_nickname}&custemail={customer_email_address}

For example, with data:

Performing Email-Based Affiliate Attribution Using the HopLink

An affiliate can initiate email-based affiliate attribution by passing the customer's email address as a parameter on the HopLink. When the affiliate uses a HopLink with this parameter, they receive a commission even if the user revisits the site later and makes a purchase without using the HopLink again.

The default format for a HopLink with a customer email is:

http://{encrypted value}{customer_email}

For example, here is how it will look with data:

For help with passing a parameter on a HopLink, see the Using Parameters section of the Using HopLinks article.

Other Resources

See the Using HopLinks article for more information about using HopLinks for affiliate attribution.

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    What is the encrypted value that affiliate has to use in order to pass url?

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    We don't currently support encryption for this URL. It's something that we can work on if folks are interested, though. Can you tell me a bit more about your requirements for encryption?

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