Selling Multiple Products

Once you've created your first product, you may want to add more products, or test different versions or price points for your existing product. You can sell up to 500 different products (or versions of the same product) in your account. However, you have to use the same HopLink Target URL (the page where affiliates send traffic) for all products in that account.

The following subjects are covered in this article:

Creating Additional Products

To add additional products to an existing ClickBank account, you use the same procedure from the Creating Your First Product article, with the following differences:

  • Pitch Page – Your account can only have one HopLink Target URL. When you add additional products, you may want to change your Pitch Page to include multiple products as described in the Your HopLink Target URL section below. If you do, verify that the HopLink Target URL for your account is correct.
  • Activation Charge – You do not need to pay the activation charge for any product after your first.

Additional products are subject to the same requirements and approval processes as initial products.

Your HopLink Target URL

You need to save a HopLink Target URL within your account if you want affiliates to refer customers to your site. You can only save one HopLink Target URL per account, which is the page to which all affiliate traffic is directed. If you are only selling one product per account, your HopLink Target URL is usually your Pitch Page URL.

If you are selling multiple products through one account, you have options for directing customers to the correct product: You can make your HopLink Target URL into a gateway for your products, or you can automatically redirect customers using parameters passed by the affiliate.

Using a Gateway

You can design a HopLink Target URL that acts as a gateway to all of your products. For instance, you could sell products from three different websites:


If you want affiliate HopLinks to connect customers to all of your websites, and you only want one ClickBank account, you should consider creating a new HopLink Target URL that would serve as a gateway to your other websites. For example, you could create, which would contain links to,, and It's best to use this kind of setup when all of your products are about related topics.

Redirecting Customers

You can automatically direct customers to the correct product's pitch page using a parameter passed by the affiliate. See the Redirecting Customers From Your HopLink Target Page article for more information.

Using Multiple Accounts

If your products are too different to share a gateway page that is relevant to all of them, you may wish to consider opening a second vendor account.

ClickBank offers a discounted activation fee of $29.95 on any additional accounts for vendors who have already paid the full $49.95 activation fee for their first vendor account. In order to receive the discounted activation fee for your additional vendor accounts, include a note in the "Comments" section of the first product approval request you submit from the new account, stating that you would like the discounted activation fee for your new account. Be sure to give the nickname of your first account for which you paid the full price activation fee, or the receipt number of that paid activation fee, if possible.

If you use multiple accounts, you can also use a Master Account to view and manage information about them through a single portal. See the Master Accounts: Linking Multiple ClickBank Accounts article for more information.

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    rakshya shrestha

    hello I am new in this how can i get started

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    Owen Allen


    The Welcome section gives you an overview of how ClickBank works and how the information in the Knowledge Base is structured. It also contains overviews of how to work as a vendor or an affiliate. Start there, and let me know if you have any questions.

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