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Using the Marketplace

posted this on December 26, 2012, 11:33

Searching the Marketplace

To find a product to promote, you should start in the ClickBank Marketplace. You'll see a search box that looks like this:


There are two main ways you can look for products: you can search on particular keywords or sales statistics, or browse through product categories and sub-categories in a number of different ways. We have 23 categories of products, with quite a few sub-categories under each. If you're not sure exactly what types of products to promote, choosing a general category can be a good place to start.

Once you've narrowed down your search, you can further sort your results by using the Sort Results By dropdown, narrowing your results based on product attributes, or by performing an Advanced Search.

  • Sort by: This menu allows you to order the results of your search based on the sales performance of the products. For example, you can order the results in terms of number of sales, products with the highest average commission rates, amount earned per sale, or more. For a useful guide to how these sales statistics can help you decide which products to promote, see our blog post Sort Your Way to Success. In addition, if you perform a keyword search, products will automatically be ordered based on how relevant they are to your search term(s).
  • Narrowing results: You can filter search or browsing results based on a few different criteria, such as product attributes like Shippable Media, in what language(s) the vendor offers the products, and whether the product is a one-time purchase or is a recurring billing product.
  • Advanced Search: Our Advanced Search menu lets you perform sophisticated searches to meet certain product criteria. For example, you can look for listings in a particular category that fall within a certain gravity range, or recurring billing products above a particular commission rate. Advanced Search lets you get extremely targeted search results, to make sure Marketplace listings meet your rigorous criteria for promotion.

We've created a video for you showing you exactly how to use the Resources, Filters and Attributes in the left sidebar of the Marketplace to find products that meet your needs, and how to keep track of which products you're promoting and what's performing well for you:  

Improving Your Search Results

Sometimes keyword searches occasionally turn up results that don't fit with your niche. For example, if you search using the term "dog training," further down the list of results, or depending on how your sort the results, you may end up with other listings that use the term "training" in the description that don't have anything to do with dogs.

If you find that you're getting too many irrelevant results, you may want to make your search more specific or eliminate keywords that don't fit your niche. You can do so by adding certain criteria to your search, such as:

  • If you enter your keywords in quotes, such as “golf swing,” we will only return listings that use the phrase exactly as entered.
  • If you enter your keywords with AND in between, such as golf AND swing, we will only return listings that use both terms.
  • If you enter your keywords with OR in between, such as golf OR swing, we will return listings that have either term.
  • If you enter your keywords with NOT between, such as golf NOT swing, we will exclude any listings that include the second term.
  • If you enter + before a keyword, such as golf +swing, we will only return listings that include the + keyword.
  • If you enter – before a keyword, such as golf -swing, we will exclude any listings that include the -keyword.
  • If you use parentheses with your keywords, you can do more complicated searches. For example, if you type (golf OR swing) AND help, you will get results that include either golf or swing combined with the word help, such as golf help or swing help.

In addition to those searches, you can also include “wildcards” that can help broaden your results:

  • Using the character ? will return listings that use keywords where the ? is replaced with a single letter. For example, if you type gol?, you would get results that include golf or gold.
  • Using the character * will return listings that use keywords where the * is replaced with multiple characters. For example, if you type gol*, you would get results that include golf, golfing, golfer, gold, golden, etc. This can be very useful for returning listings with related keywords, like the golf/golfer/golfing example.
  • Using the character ~ after a keyword will return listings that include keywords that are spelled similarly to the keyword. For example, if you type roam~, it would return listings with keywords such as roams, foam, etc.

By using these special search techniques, you can make sure your searches are as targeted and relevant to your niche as possible.

What Marketplace Stats Mean

Once you've run your search in the Marketplace, you'll see a list of ClickBank products. At the bottom of each listing, you'll see sales statistics that look like this:


Since these statistics are unique to ClickBank, it's important to know what they mean and how they can help you decide which products to promote.   The Stats section will tell you the statistics for that specific vendor.  If you see information in the My Stats section than this means that you've acted as an affiliate for this vendor in the past.  If you forgot what these mean, you can click Stats under any listing to return here.

  • Initial $/sale: This is the average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale of this product. One-time upsell purchases are also considered initial sales. This number takes into account refunds, chargebacks, and sales tax. Since vendors may offer products with different prices and commissions, the amount you earn on any given sale may not match this number exactly.
  • Avg Rebill Total: This number is only shown if the vendor offers recurring billing products (e.g., products like memberships and subscriptions that regularly bill customers over time). This number shows the average amount an affiliate makes on all of the rebilled sales. Note that this number doesn’t include the initial sale amount.
  • Avg $/sale: For one-time purchases, this number is the same as Initial $/sale. If the vendor offers recurring billing products, it equals the average total of the initial sale plus all rebills, divided by the number of initial sales. To put it simply, for every new purchase of this product, this amount is the average you’d make in total over the life of a new customer. However, this is just an average; this amount is not guaranteed.
  • Avg %/sale: This number shows the average commission rate earned for all sales of a vendor’s products, including one-time purchases, rebills, and upsell purchases. Since vendors can offer different commission rates for different types of products, this number may not exactly match the commission rate you earn on any given sale.
  • Avg %/rebill: This number is only shown if the vendor offers recurring billing products, and shows the average commission rate earned only on rebills.
  • Grav: Short for GRAVITY™ performance statistic, this number represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. Since more recent transactions are given a higher value, this number can give you an idea of what products are “hot” at the moment, in terms of being promoted by many affiliates and making a good number of sales. However, high gravity can also indicate that there will be a lot of competition in promoting this product.
  • Cat: The Marketplace category and sub-category of the site.

You'll also see a number of different icons below each listing. Here are the meanings of these icons:

  • english.png Product(s) in English
  • french.png Product(s) in French
  • german.png Product(s) in German
  • spanish.png Product(s) in Spanish
  • it.png Product(s) in Italian
  • br.png Product(s) in Portuguese
  • standard.png Standard (single-sale) product(s)
  • recurring.png Recurring billing product(s)
  • shippable.png Shippable product(s)
  • upsell.png Upsell product(s)
  • afftools.png Vendor Spotlight listing includes an Affiliate Tools page

Choose a Product and Create a HopLink

To learn more about the products in your search, you can click on the Marketplace listing title (in red) to be taken to the vendor's website. This can help you learn more about the product and get ideas on how to promote it, such as what keywords people might search to find it, benefits you can highlight in your promotions, and more. In addition, you can click the Vendor Spotlight link on the right side of the listing to learn more about the vendor, including a recent history of their product's gravity, and any announcements they've created for affiliates that may help you promote their product or learn about other interesting products they have coming up. You can also see other accounts they recommend promoting or investigating.

Once you've decided on a product to promote, click the Promote button to the right of the listing. This will generate a customized HOPLINK™ referral tracking URL for you that you can then use to promote the product and get a commission on the sale if someone buys the product after clicking your HopLink.

For more information about HopLinks and how they work, see All About HopLinks.


Q: How many products can I promote at one time, through the same account?

A: As many as you want! There is no limit to the number of ClickBank products you can promote through your account.

Q: If I refer a customer to a vendor's website and they end up buying several products from the same vendor, will I get a commission on each sale?

A: Yes.

Q: If I refer a customer to a vendor's website using my HopLink, but they end up buying products from a different vendor, will I receive a commission on the sale?

A: No.

Q: Will promoting products in a language other than English affect my commission?

A: No, you'll receive your commission in the same way as for English-language products.

Q: I see a product in the Marketplace that doesn't have any stats. Why is this?

A: The stats in the Marketplace are based on an average of the last 12 weeks of affiliated activity. If there are no stats located in a listing, it is typically a good indication that this product is new and has not yet received any affiliate sales from which averages can be generated.

Q: How can I tell when a vendor is delisted?

A: Use the "Recently Removed" option under the Resources box on the left side above the category list.  This will show you all vendor accounts that have been recently delisted from the marketplace.  See the following image:


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