Cart Abandonment

The cart abandonment feature notifies you when a customer visits your order form but does not complete it. You can use this information to email the customer or to further refine your advertising.

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The first field on the order form is the customer email field. If a customer enters an email, but has not made a purchase after one hour, then we send you a cart abandonment notification using the Instant Notification service.

The Instant Notification has the ABANDONED_ORDER type and it includes all of the information that the customer entered on the order form. You can use this information to send an email to the customer, potentially including a coupon code, to gain additional conversions. You can also use the information to refine your advertising efforts.

NOTE – When you receive a customer's email through the cart abandonment process, you must handle it in accordance with our privacy policy.

Cart abandonment can be used with any order form type, regardless of customization.

When a customer's email is saved for cart abandonment, it is retained for 60 days or until the customer makes a purchase from you, whichever comes first. During that time, if the customer abandons another cart, they will not generate another instant notification. Once 60 days have passed or the customer has purchased a product from you, their email is removed from this list, and any new cart abandonments will trigger an instant notification as normal.

Admin-Controlled Feature

This feature is admin-controlled. Contact ClickBank if you want access to this feature.

Compatibility With Other Features

Cart Abandonment can be used with a number of other features.

Instant Notifications

Cart Abandonment is used through Instant Notifications. If you have configured Instant Notifications and ClickBank has activated the Cart Abandonment feature, then you will receive an Instant Notification with the ABANDONED_ORDER type when a customer abandons a cart. This notification also includes any other fields completed by the customer.

See the Instant Notification Service article for more information about configuring and using Instant Notifications.

Custom Order Form

Cart Abandonment is compatible with Custom Order Forms. See the Custom Order Form article for more information.

Advanced Custom Order Form

Cart Abandonment is compatible with Advanced Custom Order Forms. See the Advanced Custom Order Form article for more information.

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