Images API

The Images API lists the images associated with an account.




This section provides details about the methods available within the Images API, including required keys and roles, output types, and supported and required parameters.

The following methods are covered in this section:

GET  /1.3/images/schema

Required Keys and Roles

  • None

Return Type

XML schema for Image Information List

Supported Output Types

  • application/xml

GET  /1.3/images/list

This method returns a list of images associated with an account.

Request Parameters

Name Required Description
site Yes Return images from this account.
approvedOnly No

Specifies whether the return should only include approved images. The valid values are:

  • TRUE – Return only approved images. This is the default.
  • FALSE – Return approved and unapproved images.
type No

Return only images of the specified type. The valid values are:

  • PRODUCT – Return product images.
  • BANNER – Return banner images.
  • BANNER_CLASSIC – Return banner images for the classic order form.
  • BANNER_NEW – Return banner images for the new order form.
  • BANNER_BG – Return upper corner images.
  • CUSTOM_BANNER – Return custom banner images.
  • CUSTOM_BANNER_BG – Return custom upper corner images.
  • CUSTOM_ORDERFORM – Return advanced custom order form images.

Required Keys and Roles

  • Developer Key
  • Clerk Key
    • Products Role

Return Type

Image Information List

Supported Output Types

  • application/xml
  • application/json

Return Types

This section details the return types used by the Images API.

The following return types are covered in this section:

Image Information List

Image Information List returns use the following format:

<xs:schema xmlns:xs="" xmlns:cb="" version="1.0">
<xs:element name="id" type="integer"/>
<xs:element name="title" type="string"/> <xs:simpletype name="type">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="PRODUCT"/>
<xs:enumeration value="BANNER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="BANNER_BG"/>
<xs:enumeration value="CUSTOM_BANNER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="CUSTOM_BANNER_BG"/>
<xs:enumeration value="CUSTOM_ORDERFORM"/>
</xs:restriction> <xs:element name="approved" type="boolean"/> </xs:schema>

Usage Information

For additional information about using the Images API, see the ClickBank APIs article.

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