Marketplace Feed

The Marketplace feed is a file containing an XML representation of the ClickBank Marketplace. It is intended for individuals who would like to have access to the full Marketplace without having to "scrape" it from the site.

The Marketplace feed is updated every day at approximately 5:00 a.m. PT. The file is in Zip format to reduce its size during download. The file must be unzipped using a tool such as Winzip before it can be parsed or viewed.

You can access the Marketplace feed using this link:

The Marketplace feed is not an RSS feed and should not be viewed directly with a browser.

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    Glenn Gawron

     The Description contains what I would see if I logged into CB marketplace though. Is there a file with the sales pitches and "feature boasting" descriptions?

     Thank you.

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    Owen Allen


    We only have the one Marketplace feed file. If you want information beyond what's in that file, you'll have to go to the live site.

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