About ClickBank Pro

ClickBank Professional (CBPro) is a tool for vendors. When you configure a CBPro account, you use your own payment providers and perform your own customer service, but retain access to ClickBank's affiliate network, analytics features, and product and sales flow tools.

Through CBPro, you can manage transactions through a unique solution combining CLICKBANK’s attribution and commission payments with your chosen payment providers. With CLICKBANK’s provided fraud protection controls and PCI compliance, you can focus on your customers through the entire shopping experience.

Access to CBPro is limited. Contact ClickBank if you are interested in creating a CBPro account.


  • Your distinct marketing and branding on all customer interactions
  • Instant payment delivered to your payment provider accounts
  • CLICKBANK’s strong fraud protection on all transactions
  • Easy setup with your existing Stripe and PayPal Adaptive accounts


  • Access to CLICKBANK’s reputable affiliate network
  • Affiliate management, including tracking and payments
  • Multiple product types including digital, physical, subscriptions, and free trials
  • Purchasing features such as coupons, upsells, and order bumps
  • Integrated sales reports with analytics and tracking pixels
  • Customizable, mobile responsive order form
  • CLICKBANK’s robust API suite and instant notifications system (INS)
  • Partnerships through joint venture contracts
  • Commission tiers, whitelists, email based attribution, and lifetime commissions
  • Vendor-controlled tax parameter


  • You must have a merchant account with either Stripe or PayPal with Adaptive Payments support
  • Your product must be approved by ClickBank
  • Your product must be priced in USD
  • You must be prepared to manage all customer communications and customer support
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