Redirecting Customers From a Vendor's HopLink Target

Some vendors have large large and diverse product suites, and it can improve the buying process to direct customers to a specific pitch page rather than sending them to a generic landing page.

Some vendors improve this process by adding a redirection process to their HopLink target URL. If you pass a parameter to the vendor when the customer follows your HopLink, the vendor's redirection process then redirects the customer to the correct pitch page.

Using a Vendor's Redirection System

If a vendor has created a redirection system, you should be able to see the details on their affiliate resources page, or contact them for details. Their system uses a parameter for each pitch page. To send the customer to the correct page, you pass the corresponding parameter with the HopLink.

For example, a hypothetical vendor could have the following mapping of parameters to pitch pages:

Parameter Pitch Page

If you wanted to create a link that would redirect customers to the pitch page for product 1, you would identify the corresponding parameter and pass it with the HopLink. For example:

When a customer follows the link, the vendor's HopLink target URL uses the pid parameter to redirect the customer to the correct pitch page.

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    william kent

    Here is my understanding of what is written, even though I know its incorrect.

    If a person has 3 approved Product flows on your site (For instance Item 1, Item 6 and Item 9) are you saying that they need to send affiliates to their product sales pages like this?
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    Owen Allen


    If a vendor had those three products, and had configured redirection on their HopLink target page, the affiliate could use the three hoplinks that you mentioned to redirect customers to the right product.

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    David Boyd

    Hi, this is a great post and thank you!  However, on my website I want to put a heading...for talking sake..."Personal Development", now, the guru may have many programs but I want all the programs on my site but under the drop down menue of "personal development"...How do I do this?

    Kindest regards


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    Owen Allen


    If you're a vendor, you'll want to take a look at the corresponding vendor article: Redirecting Customers From Your HopLink Target Page.

    If you want to redirect customers to your Personal Development section, you can do that, just as you could redirect someone to a specific pitch page.

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