Redirecting Customers From a Vendor's HopLink Target

Some vendors have large large and diverse product suites, and it can improve the buying process to direct customers to a specific pitch page rather than sending them to a generic landing page.

Some vendors improve this process by adding a redirection process to their HopLink target URL. If you pass a parameter to the vendor when the customer follows your HopLink, the vendor's redirection process then redirects the customer to the correct pitch page.

Using a Vendor's Redirection System

If a vendor has created a redirection system, you should be able to see the details on their affiliate resources page, or contact them for details. Their system uses a parameter for each pitch page. To send the customer to the correct page, you pass the corresponding parameter with the HopLink.

For example, a hypothetical vendor could have the following mapping of parameters to pitch pages:

Parameter Pitch Page

If you wanted to create a link that would redirect customers to the pitch page for product 1, you would identify the corresponding parameter and pass it with the HopLink. For example:

When a customer follows the link, the vendor's HopLink target URL uses the pid parameter to redirect the customer to the correct pitch page.

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