Talking to Vendors Through Affiliate Finder

The Affiliate Finder tool through ClickBank Insights was designed to help new vendors connect with affiliates who could help promote their product. If you have the feature enabled, vendors can contact you through Affiliate Finder. You can view their products and resources, and determine whether you want to promote them.

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When a new vendor looks at their dashboard, the Affiliate Finder shows them a bubble chart of affiliates who have had success promoting products similar to theirs. We use an algorithm that looks at their product and compares it to products that ClickBank affiliates have promoted and successfully sold.

If you are an affiliate who has been successful at selling similar products, and you are allowing vendor messages, vendors might see you in this display. Each vendor can send you a single message. The message includes the vendor's account nickname, Marketplace title, Marketplace description, and email address. You can view this information, and contact the vendor using their email address. 

Viewing Messages

If a vendor has sent you a message, you will see a display on your Dashboard. You can click this display to read or delete the messages. If you decide you no longer wish to receive messages of this nature, you can opt out of this service.

Here is an example of what you will see on your Dashboard if you have at least one message:

This image shows the Vendor Messages section of the dashboard. The top section contains the following text: 'You have 27 messages from Vendors interested in working with you. Click here to view.' Click here to view is a link. The bottom section contains the following text: 'Each Vendor may only contact you once. To stop all messages, you may opt out of this service.' Opt out of this service is a link. 

To see your messages, use the Click here to view link. This opens a display that shows you your Vendor Message inbox. For example:

This image shows the Vendor Message Inbox. There are four columns: Date, Vendor, Message, and a fourth unlabeled column that contains the Delete button. The date column contains the date on which the message was sent. The Vendor column contains the name of the vendor who sent the mssage, as well as links to their website and Marketplace listing if available. The Message column contains the text of the vendor's message, their nickname, and their email address. The fourth column contains a Delete button for each message.

In the Vendor Message window, you will see your messages ordered by date (newest messages will appear at the top) with information about the vendor who sent the message. Links to the vendor’s website and Marketplace listing will be available along with the vendor’s message and contact information. From here, you can also delete messages. You cannot respond to messages through the display, but you can use the email and contact information provided to interact with any vendor directly.

Opting Out

If you don't want to receive messages from vendors, you can opt out of the feature.

Opting out only affects the account you're logged into. If you have additional accounts that you wish to to have opted out as well, you will need to log into each account and complete these steps for each one.

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click My Site.
  4. Locate the Vendor Messages section and click Edit.
  5. Select Do not allow Vendor Messages (opt out).
  6. Click Save Changes.
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  • 0
    daniel bettoun

    so only vendors can send a message to affiliate? not the other way around? what if i would like to ask for more info and picture for example on a product i want to promote

  • 0
    Owen Allen


    Some vendors provide a way for affiliates to contact them on their Affiliate Tools pages. You can take a look at their Marketplace listings to find this information.

  • 0
    Vanessa Yarofral

    I really need someone to help me promote a product i copy so many hoplink but i dont know where i could add my hoplink yo

  • 0
    Owen Allen


    You can put your HopLink on your own site, on social media, in emails, or on paid ads, as a few examples. Take a look at the Affiliate Help section for more information.

  • 0
    Stuart Tseng

    Owen, would you question the legitimacy of a vendor if they didn't respond to your e-mails? I'm having a tough time getting in contact with a vendor and that has kind of shaken my faith in the product and their customer support. 

  • 0
    Owen Allen


    Some vendors are more communicative than others, and it's up to you to decide who you want to work with. Personally, I would weigh their communication along with their quality and profitability; a vendor whose products sell well and who has very low refund and chargeback rates I could forgive for being slow to contact me.

  • 0
    Muneeb Ur Rehman

    Helpful guidance.

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