Updating Your Account Information

Your primary account information, as well as your contact and payment information, are all controlled on the My Account page.

Updating Your Account Information

To access the My Account page, click the Settings tab, then click My Account.

To enter or edit your information, click Edit in the upper right hand corner of each box, enter the new information, and click Save Changes.

For security reasons, certain changes you make in your account require an email confirmation and prevent you from making other changes within a seven day period. Specifically, if you change your account email, payee name, or street address a confirmation email will be sent to the Account Email address listed in your account. You must locate the email and click on the included confirmation link to confirm the changes you made.

These emails will be sent from noreply@clickbank.com, and contain a link you must click to verify the changes. If you have attempted to make a change and have not received the confirmation email, verify that your spam controls are not preventing the message from being received.

Information Categories

Your account information is organized into the following categories:

Account Information

Your account information includes your payee name, your address, and your tax ID. Checks are issued to your payee name and mailed to the address you provide. More information about providing a taxpayer ID number is available in our Accounting Policy.

The account information section includes the following information:

  • Payee Name – This is a business or individual name. When ClickBank makes a payment for your account, this payment is made out to the Payee Name.
    If you change the Payee Name, you must agree to the Client Contract again.
    Changing this field requires an email confirmation.
    If you change this field, you will not be able to change your payment information, including payment method, for seven days.
  • Address – This is your physical address, or the physical address of your business.
    Changing this field requires an email confirmation.
    If you change this field, you will not be able to change your payment information, including payment method and payee name, for seven days.
  • Tax ID – A Tax ID is required for US affiliates making more than $600 a year.
  • Account Password – You can use the Change Password link here to reset your account password.
  • Account Survey – You can use the Update Survey Information link here to update the account survey. The account survey contains information about how you plan to use the account, how much experience you have, how wide of an audience you reach, and what product categories you plan to sell or promote.

Contact Information

The contact information section includes several pieces of identifying information:

  • Name – The name you provide is used only for correspondence with ClickBank employees.
  • Account Email – Used only for correspondence between you and ClickBank unless you do not enter any additional email addresses, in which case it is used as the default email address for all correspondence.
    Changing this field requires an email confirmation.
    If you change this field, you will not be able to change your payment information, including payment method and payee name, for seven days.
  • Account Phone – This phone number is only used for correspondence between you and ClickBank (it is not provided to customers).
  • Time Zone – Time zone is used to determine business days for customer service purposes.
  • Customer Service Email (vendors only) – We will forward technical support requests from customers to this email address. (As such, customers are provided with this address.)
  • Customer Service Phone (vendors only) – This phone number is provided to customers by ClickBank customer service if the customer has difficulty contacting you via email. It is not provided to the customer during the order process. Occasionally customers will ask for a phone number to contact a vendor for help instead of requesting a refund immediately. Providing this information could assist in saving sales that would otherwise be refunded.
  • Customer Service Website (vendors only) – We will provide customers with this URL via sales, rebill, and technical support notifications.
  • Transactional Email (vendors only) – We will send sale, refund/chargeback, and cancelation notifications to this email address. Some of these emails are customer-facing, so customers will see this email address. For example, refund notifications are sent to both you and the customer.
  • Promotional Email – We occasionally send targeted promotional emails based on specific account information. These emails come from ClickBank only, not any third parties. If you would like to receive these types of emails, enter an email address. If you don't want account specific offers, leave this field blank.

Payment Information

Within the Payment Information Editor you can set your payment threshold and payment method. The amount you select as your payment threshold must be reached before ClickBank will issue you a paycheck. Any changes to your payment information will take effect according to the payment change deadlines.

More information is available in the How We Pay You article.

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  • 0
    Paul Rumbo

    This did not work. It's giving me a message that I have wait 7 days to update this information.

    Thanks, paul rumbo

  • -1
    Owen Allen


    Updating some of your account information puts a 7-day delay on other information. For example, if you update your account email, you will have to wait 7 days to update your payment information. This is intended as a security measure.

    If you haven't updated your information recently and you're seeing that message, you can file a support ticket or contact us to get more assistance.

  • 1
    Muhammad Huzaifa

    Sir, Can I Make sale in these 7 days? Or In these 7 days I can't promote any product? Please guide me. Thanks


  • 0
    Owen Allen


    You can make sales and promote products during those 7 days. The only thing that's restricted during those 7 days is your ability to update your account's payment and contact information.

  • 0
    Richilie Ono

    is the account name or id same as the account nickname?

  • 0
    Owen Allen


    Basically, yes. We use the term account nickname to describe the nickname that identifies your account and that you use when logging in.

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