Password Management

You can manage the password for your ClickBank account and reset it if necessary.

The following subjects are covered in this article:

Password Requirements

Please note that your new password must contain the following characters:

  • 2 upper-case letters (e.g., A, B, C, D...)
  • 2 lower-case letters (e.g., a, b, c, d...)
  • 2 numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4...)
  • 2 special characters (e.g., !, @, #, $...)

Due to these requirements, your password must be at least 8 characters long, and can be up to 20 characters. Make sure you can remember your password, or write it down somewhere, as ClickBank employees do not have access to your password. 

If you have forgotten your password, and no longer have access to the email address listed in your account, first we will need to update the email address listed in your account. Please send a request to us and state that you forgot your password and no longer have access to the email address listed in your account. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • The email address currently listed in your account
  • The street address currently listed in your account
  • If you have been issued a check from ClickBank in the last year, specify the amount of the most recent check you received

For security reasons, if you change your password you will not be able to make changes to your payment information, including your payee name or your payment method, for seven days.

Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, or would simply like to change it, please use the following steps to access your account:

  1. At the ClickBank login page, click the Forgot your password? link. You will be asked to enter your account nickname and the email address currently listed in your ClickBank account.
  2. Click Continue to step 2.
    A confirmation code is automatically generated and e-mailed to you from
  3. Click the confirmation link given in the email.
  4. Enter the confirmation code given in the email.
  5. Reset your password using the requirements displayed.
  6. Click the red Change Password button.


Q: I received a password change email but I didn't request one. Has someone hacked my account?

A: When ClickBank receives a password request, the confirmation code to generate a new password is only sent to the email address listed in your account.

Typically, when a request is made that the account holder does not authorize, it is not a malicious attempt to gain access. Instead, it is usually from an individual who has entered his or her own nickname incorrectly or has forgotten it altogether.

For additional security and your own peace of mind, you may wish to change your password again.

Q: I'm not receiving the email with my password. Why not?

A: First, be sure to check the spam or bulk mail folder. Occasionally our messages are delivered there by accident. If you still can't find an email from us it means that your email account is blocking our messages. You can try adding the email address as a contact and then sign up again. This should enable you to receive emails from us.

If you still can't get the message you can use an alternative email address when signing up or contact your Internet Service Provider. If you do not have an alternative address, sign up for an account with or any other free, web-based email host.

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