Why do I have Hops but no sales?

This means that you've driven visitors to a product, but none of them have converted into a buying customer yet. Every product converts at a different rate, so there's no way to tell how many Hops it should take to make a sale.

However, if you're actively promoting a product (especially if you are spending money to promote a product), you should decide how many Hops you're willing to send to a product before you try a different strategy or product. Even if the product has converted for other people in the past, it may not convert for you.

Deciding when to stick with what you're doing and when to change course is an important part of testing and learning as an affiliate marketer.

ClickBank's Analytics tools can help you gather data on conversion rates, which may help you judge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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    Greselda Garcia

    Do i get to chose what websites i can put banners on Or is the marletplace the one that puts your ads on the websites? ( as in having the Ad on a website like bing or facebook on the sides.or does it just post like a status update) how would i make money or get clicks if i just post it once and it disappears after a while. Someone plz help im new amd a bit confused

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    Owen Allen


    Yes, you choose where you put banners or other product promotions. The Marketplace lets you see what vendors are out there to be promoted, but you decide where to promote their products. You can promote products in any manner you choose - paid ads, social media, your own site, emails, whatever you choose.

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