Why do I have Hops but no sales?




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    Greselda Garcia

    Do i get to chose what websites i can put banners on Or is the marletplace the one that puts your ads on the websites? ( as in having the Ad on a website like bing or facebook on the sides.or does it just post like a status update) how would i make money or get clicks if i just post it once and it disappears after a while. Someone plz help im new amd a bit confused

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    Owen Allen


    Yes, you choose where you put banners or other product promotions. The Marketplace lets you see what vendors are out there to be promoted, but you decide where to promote their products. You can promote products in any manner you choose - paid ads, social media, your own site, emails, whatever you choose.

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    Daniel Ohuegbe

    Hello, please i am Daniel Oheugbe. i own my own website and i have Clickbank products that I'm currently promoting in my website blog. i also have a bought Clickbank package plugin to showcase Clickbank product in a stand-alone store page. 

    Now here is the thing i noticed that the homepage product that i am promoting that belongs to Patrick chan was displaying someone else Clickbank id, these i have not noticed but i am happy that i did finally found out today.

    So i want to know where the problem is and how i can fix it.

    This is the WordPress plugin that i am using. MyCBGenie

    Thanks, a lot

    Daniel Ohuegbe

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    Owen Allen


    Take a look at the Using HopLinks page and make sure that you're promoting products using correctly formatted HopLinks.

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    Ignacio McBeatch


    I'm currently running ads for products on ClickBank. I clearly see clicks from my ads and CTR over 5% but I do not see any Hop counts, let alone sales on my Clickbank dashboard.

    Any ideas why I may be receiving clicks on my ads, but they are not reflected as hops in Clickbank's dashboard? I've tested my hoplinks and my affiliate information shows correctly during my testing. And my test actually do show up in my Clickbank dashboard. The hoplink format im using is http://www.test.com/?hop=affiliatenamehere

    Any help will be welcomed.





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    Owen Allen


    If you're running ads inside ClickBank itself, bear in mind that your audience will be mostly other affiliates and vendors. If your product isn't targeted at such customers, you may not see a lot of success in selling to them.

    Take a look at the Using HopLinks article for more information about making sure there aren't issues with your HopLinks. If you can't determine any issues, you can also file a support ticket for more assistance.

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    Mark Sexton

    I am starting out as a new affiliate marketer. How do I increase the conversion rate? Doesn't the vendor have to worry about the conversion process? I wanted to create marketing videos on Facebook to direct traffic at my affiliate Hoplink, a friend said I was going about this backward. He said I was looking for a product and directing traffic when I should be looking at the traffic of a niche and using that source to fulfill the cure. Is he correct in this process?

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    Owen Allen


    Your conversion rate will vary depending on a lot of factors, including the traffic that you direct to your HopLink. I would argue that the difference between you and your friend is largely philosophical - one way or another, the more interested your traffic is in the niche that you're promoting, the better your conversion rates will be.

    You can certainly create videos on Facebook as a means of driving traffic. It's up to you to figure out how to get that video in front of the target audience, though.

    Vendors have to make sure that their product is appealing, high-quality, and valuable to their target customers, regardless of how large or small a group that is. They don't have to worry as much about conversion rates, though, since they pay affiliates on a per-sale basis.

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