How can I get banner ad images and promotional materials?

Many ClickBank vendors provide banner ads and product images for use by affiliates. 

There are a few easy ways to see if a vendor you're promoting has banners available:

  • Look for a Vendor Spotlight in the ClickBank Marketplace.
    When browsing the ClickBank Marketplace, look for a link that says "Vendor Spotlight" underneath the large Promote button on the right side of Marketplace listings. When you click on the Vendor Spotlight link, look for the Affiliate Page link. Vendors will typically either include banner images directly on the Affiliate Page, or have them available for you if you sign up for their affiliate mailing list. Some vendors also include a link to their Affiliate Page directly in their Marketplace listing, so if you don't see a Vendor Spotlight link, be sure to check the listing for the Affiliate Page URL as well.
  • Search for an Affiliate Page directly.
    If you don't see an Affiliate Page listed in a Vendor Spotlight or in the Marketplace listing, try clicking on the vendor's Marketplace title and visiting their site. Some vendors will have a link to their Affiliate page, typically found in the footer of their website.
  • Contact the vendor directly.
    Some vendors may not have an Affiliate Page but could still provide you with promotional materials directly. Use a contact form or email address on the vendor's website to reach out directly and ask if they have any promotional materials available that you can use.

A final option, if the vendor doesn't have any promotional materials or banner ads to provide you, would be to create your own or have them created for you by a graphic designer. However, before doing this you should contact the vendor and get approval, as some vendors want oversight over any promotional materials being used to promote them.

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