How to Select a Topic or Niche




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    Billy Lofton

    This is a great article. It forces one to reflect on what we have gone through and gained experience in. I see where you're going with this. Thanks Owen

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    Jans Snowberger

    Jane Snowberger

    Thank You, this information is very helpful and easy to understand. 

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    Calvin Acklin

    This is a great article. It makes one realize that everyone has life experiences that needs to be shared with others. All those years in corporate America has prepared one to take what was learned yesterday, and share it today. As a retired military veteran, I have leadership skills, parenting skills, and family court information that I believe others will benifit. If I can get paid for my skills, that's even better.

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    Jamie Cornelius

    Positive information Owen. This is exactly what i need to make my next step. Thank you

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    Michael Taku

    Being able to leverage one's experience and passion has potential for building a sustainable venture. I appreciate  the deep reflection nature of this article. Thanks

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    Etteka Emmanuel (Edited )

    Good info thanks.

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    Kamran Siddiqi

    Awesome article! didn't know how to find my niche, but this article did an excellent job!!

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    Cybele Gaviola

    This is Great!

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