The Vendor Approach




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    Jamie Cornelius (Edited )

    I am an author and I find this information very interesting. I am becoming a vendor to expand my opportunities and help more people. Thanks Owen

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    John Daugherty

    After retiring from 22 years of telecommunication sales and reaching top sales performance levels, I see how I can use my knowledge to help others and further my income.  Pretty cool.

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    Michael Taku

    Now I see a potential opportunity to use  my decades of tacit knowledge in several areas to produce products that  address  needs. Thanks

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    Tyler Bryant

    i dont know where to really begin but is there and step by step videos that i can review.


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    Shudeep Chandrasekhar

    Thanks for the great advice, Owen.

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    Christopher Holman

    This article was very helpful because it truly depicted what the benifits of being a "how to" product seller and whom to market to. I feel that I'll save this information for the future just to enspire why I might want to keep writing and selling my own how to guides, or even to promote others material! Great job!!!

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    Manpreet kaur

    very helpful. thank you


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    John Van San

    Great food for thought.

    As a metal fabricator for over 30 years turning thought into reality through manufacturing and developing prototypes since 2007 at I should be able to find something to share with the public.

    Thanks for the food for thought.

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    Shelley Thomas

    This sounds like a great idea to share all my experience and patience with interested 


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    Medhanand ROOPNAH

    Just come I'm new

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    Owen Allen


    If you're interested in working as a vendor, take a look at the Understanding the Vendor Role section.

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    GABRIEL Sokah

    Am pretty cool with it .So helpful, thank you guys 

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