Developing Your Product Offerings

The best way to plan your product offerings is to use the proven blueprint because it is simple and you will be rigged for success from the beginning.  The blueprint consists of Lead Capture, Front-End Offering, and Back-End Offering.  These offerings can take several different forms:

This image shows potential products in three categories. The first category, Free Lead Capture, has the following entries: special report, email newsletter, white paper, video introduction, first chapter, podcast interview, basic membership, interview transcript, facts sheet, research findings, and article directory. The second category, Front-End Offering, has the following entries: E-Book, Training Manual, Worksheets, How-To Video, Podcast Series, Paid Newsletter, Exclusive Forum, Webinar, Tele-Seminar, Membership Level, and Article Archive. The third category, Back-End Offering, has the following entries: membership site, online tools, video series, training kit, webinar series, training manual, exclusive forum, coaching courses, workbooks, combo packages, and done-for-you kits.

Think about Formats and Perception

Since there are many different product formats it’s important that the type of product you’re offering matches the needs and preferences of your potential customers.  Some possible questions to think about:

  • Does your audience prefer to read?
  • Do they like audio and video content?
  • What is the best format for delivering the info?
  • What formats can you produce?

When brainstorming your product offerings it’s also important to be as specific as possible regarding the nature of the content, especially the title of the offering.  The title and description of the offer is what your customers will be paying attention to because it will help them decide whether the product is something they really want or not.  So make sure you create a title that will capture their attention and help them avoid mistakes.

Evaluate Offerings

Once you’ve thought through your blueprint and have come up with some possibilities, you will want to evaluate your ideas thoughtfully and objectively.  You want to make sure that your lead capture offer will appeal to the greatest number of potential customers.  Your front-end product should address the entire problem or topic in a straightforward way.  For your back-end offer, you want to have a viable and compelling continuity program if at all possible, or a deeper product that solves a big, meaty problem in more detail.

If you’ve selected a niche you’re passionate about, then you’re probably a prospect yourself.  So it’s important to evaluate your offerings based on what you yourself would buy!

Sequence Your Offerings

Following the blueprint from left to right, you want to sequence the development of your offerings starting with your lead-capture and front-end offerings.  Getting those up and running will 1) give potential customers the ability to become familiar with you, and 2) give you the time needed to develop your back-end offerings.

Product Offering Example

To kickoff your product flow you might offer a 5-7 page report as your lead capture.  This might be a Word document or PDF that you let prospects download in-exchange for their contact information.  Or you might decide to let prospects subscribe to a free email newsletter you send out weekly. Or provide them access to an introductory video.

For a front-end offer, you might sell an hour long how-to video or maybe a 100-page training manual or e-book.

On the back-end, you could offer customers a members-only continuity program. Or access to a complete series of videos, or even a combo package that contains videos, audios, and written reports.

There are dozens of ways your product offerings can take shape, so it’s very important to brainstorm possibilities for each offer; decide on your initial blueprint offerings; sequence your efforts; and most importantly, don’t get stuck on perfection.  Getting your product offerings out there sooner rather than later is key.  Remember, customers are not paying for perfect grammar or beautiful graphics.  They’re paying for the expert information you’re providing.

Next Step

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    Michael Taku

    Excellent article!. The  assessment tools implied in the discussion of the evaluation  of the development of an offering, as well as the example provided  at the end of the article, are very relevant and helpful.  Excellent training.  

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    Theresa Morrison

    Very helpful article. Thank you


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    Olga Figueroa

    What is a good resource for a video sales letter?

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    Owen Allen


    For information about building a sales video, you can look at what other vendors have done, read guides or books written by vendors, or take a look at ClickBank University, which spends a week on VSLs.

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    I tried ClickBank before in the past with no success...But, I do like the way this educational material is put together...So this time I will read and perform all steps as they are presented. Interesting, so far...

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