Developing Your Product Offerings




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    Michael Taku

    Excellent article!. The  assessment tools implied in the discussion of the evaluation  of the development of an offering, as well as the example provided  at the end of the article, are very relevant and helpful.  Excellent training.  

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    Theresa Morrison

    Very helpful article. Thank you


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    Olga Figueroa

    What is a good resource for a video sales letter?

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    Owen Allen


    For information about building a sales video, you can look at what other vendors have done, read guides or books written by vendors, or take a look at ClickBank University, which spends a week on VSLs.

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    I tried ClickBank before in the past with no success...But, I do like the way this educational material is put together...So this time I will read and perform all steps as they are presented. Interesting, so far...

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    Bibian Okoye

    Hi Owen,
    Thanks for this post put together for us it helpful. If I am able to follow your training step-step I believe I will have a success stories..

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