Understanding the Sales Funnel




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    Michael Taku

    Good application of the concept by ClickBank University.

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    Osvaldo Cordero

    I really Appreciate the info you're putting out here for us Owen . Keep it coming  Were all out here looking foward to your next Article.

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    joseph szanati

    thanks for helping organize thought and thought process to go forward.



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    Olga Figueroa

    With this information on here, is the Click Bank University really necessary?

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    Owen Allen


    ClickBank University offers a different sort of help - it's more personalized and interactive. I see it as complementary to the Knowledge Base. It can be a valuable resource but not everyone needs it.

    If you feel like you have a solid grounding and want to get started based on what you've read in the KB, and don't feel like you need CBU, then power to you.

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