Growing Your List of Leads and Prospects

Using a lead capture, you can grow a list of potential customers.

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Creating a Lead Capture

What Is a Lead Capture?

Sometimes a visitor to your website isn't quite ready to make a purchase. Capturing leads gives you the chance to give potential customers something for free in exchange for their name and email address. The last thing you want to do is let these people leave and just hope that they’ll come back and buy later. Once you have the visitor's name and email address, you can reach out to them and hopefully convert them into a paying customer.

Capturing the information of potential customers is vital to your online business. By communicating with your leads, you build a relationship with them that demonstrates your credibility and expertise. If a lead trusts you and the information you give, they’re likely to make the jump from lead to paying customer. Capturing leads generally results in 15-25% more sales!


Your promotional goal for the lead capture offer should simply be to grow your lists of leads and prospects.  This list will give you a pool of people who are interested in your topic to engage with you, and hopefully buy your products.

Your lead capture offer allows you to create and cultivate your list while working on your front-end product. So, you want to start promoting your lead capture product as soon as it’s created – even before you have any other products to sell. The sooner you start, the bigger your captive audience will be when you actually have something ready to sell.


In order to capture leads, you’re going to need a resource that allows you to collect your potential customer’s information. At a minimum you should collect their name and email address. You’re welcome to request additional information, but be careful! Not everyone wants to give their address or phone number to someone they don’t know.

Popular tools include GetResponse, iContact, and AWeber. You’ll need to take a look at the tools out there and decide which one offers the best solution for the price you’re willing to pay. AWeber has a partnership with ClickBank that gives you a one-month trial for just $1, so definitely check them out.

Each resource gives you the tools you need to create a web form that allows you to collect the potential customer’s information. When you’re finished, you’ll take this web form and place it on your website or blog. You’ll want to highlight this form wherever you can. But try not to go overboard – be respectful and avoid being pushy. You don’t want visitors to feel overwhelmed or like you only want to sell them something.


A typical lead capture offer will give the potential customer a piece of relevant and valuable information in exchange for their name and email address. You want to make sure that your lead capture offer will appeal to the greatest number of potential customers.

There are many types of lead capture offers. Here are a few examples of offers you can make to potential customers: 

  • Special report
  • Email newsletter
  • Video introduction
  • First chapter of your ebook
  • Podcast interview
  • Basic membership
  • Interview transcript
  • Fact or tip sheet
  • Research findings
  • Article directory

Promoting Your Lead Capture

Once your lead capture article is in place you will want to highlight it wherever you can. For example, mention it in your email signature or in a blog post. One vendor printed an ad for their lead capture offer on the back of their business cards. Just remember, it’s important to systematically highlight your lead-capture offer wherever you can.

This image is a promotional example. The left side shows the text 'Highlight your lead capture offer wherever you can.' The right side shows a business card with the description of a lead capture article: 'The Top 10 Mistakes New Caterers Make and How to Avoid Them.' The URL for the example Lead Capture is beneath the title.

If you selected a niche that you have connections with, you should reach out to those people to let them know about the free information you have available. However, when reaching out to your personal network, make sure you’re speaking to those that have interest in your topic. Other peoples' opinions may be interesting, but you really care what actual prospects think.

If you’ve selected your niche wisely, there are also places where members of your niche congregate. These places could be blogs, chat rooms, forums, clubs or associations, or even social media groups. Since you have a valuable lead capture offer available for free, going to these congregation points are a great place to let potential customers know about you and your information.

Cultivating Your List

Once you have a list of potential customers, you’ll need to regularly communicate with them. Use this as an opportunity to further demonstrate your credibility and expertise.

On a regular basis (weekly or monthly), you’ll want to send your prospects emails containing new information you have available, perhaps a new article or blog posting. You can also use your list as an opportunity to do research. Ask your potential customers for feedback on the kind of information they’re interested in knowing more about. This will make the potential customer really feel engaged because you genuinely want to know what their issues are.

Don’t spam your customers! Make sure each email you send contains relevant and important information. If your communications become too frequent, or if the information is just a sales pitch, your potential customer might get annoyed and decide to opt-out of receiving further emails from you.

When a potential customer feels that you’re providing them with good information, they come to trust what you have to say. Paying customers are the lifeblood of your online business. Potential customers who feel engaged and trust both you, and the information you have to offer, are very likely to make the transition from lead to customer.

What's Next?

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    I'm not sure I understand the setup you're asking about. You can do lead capture using your own sites and resources (or potentially using a free trial product through ClickBank), and then sell your products through ClickBank. Does that answer your question?

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    It leads me in the rite direction thank u but the folks at digijunction lead me to believe we'll they said this I had to create a click bank account an that click bank would have all the data on my 3 web sites such as who went to site purchesed got the stats for each web site like a dash board how many clicks who purchesed who was ordering my cash balanced list building like it was part of the package of me purchising the ,3 web sites it all do said domain names could benefit do I got 3 names from go Daddy there supposed to be live an forwarded to digijunction whitch I thought was connected to click bank do I need help

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    If you're selling products through ClickBank, we track information such as the number of times your order form is viewed and the number of purchases. If you want to sell a product, you can use the domain names you registered to pitch that product.

    It looks like Digijunction is an affiliate; many of their listings are promoting products that vendors are selling through ClickBank.

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