Customer Support Ticket System

The customer support ticket system allows you to view and respond directly to all support requests submitted by your customers, including refund and cancelation requests. This system also gives you the ability to attempt to save a sale by providing support directly to the customer.

NOTE – If you have questions about a charge from CLKBANK*COM or need technical support, a refund or cancellation for a product you purchased from a ClickBank vendor, visit our Customer Service site for immediate service.

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Order Receipt Page for Customers

As part of the Customer Support Ticket System, we use an order receipt page for customers. Every time a customer purchases from ClickBank, we send them an email receipt and send you a sales notification.

To request technical support or request a refund or cancelation, customers must open a ticket. When a customer opens a ticket, both the customer and you, the vendor, receive an "open ticket" notification email.

When you receive the "open ticket" notification indicating that one of your customers has created a ticket, you must click the link provided in the email. If you are logged into your account, this link takes you directly to the ticket, where you can reply directly to the customer. If you are not logged into your account, you will be prompted to log in. After logging in, you will be taken directly to the ticket, where you can reply directly to the customer.

When you use the ticket system to reply to the open ticket, a reply notification email is sent to both you and directly to the customer. At this point, the customer can click the link in their email to return to the ticket and then reply. Email notifications will continue to be sent any time either you or the customer replies or changes the ticket. When the customer's issue is resolved, either you or the customer can close the ticket.

Refund and Cancelation Requests

Customers can request a cancelation for a recurring product at any time, and can request a refund during the 60 days after a sale or bill.

The Customer Support Ticket System gives you the ability to attempt to save a sale. When a customer requests a refund or a cancelation for most product types, the ticket is configured to process the refund after 24 hours, not including weekends. (Refunds for shipped physical products are instead processed after 19 days.) As a result, you have one day to attempt to save the sale by offering assistance to help the customer utilize the product or service. If the customer is satisfied with the assistance, the ticket may be closed (by either you or the customer) and the refund will not occur.

If the assistance will take longer than one day, but the customer agrees to withdraw their refund request in lieu of support, the customer or vendor may change the ticket to a "technical support request" ticket and the refund (or cancelation) will not be processed.

While you have the ability to close a ticket or change a refund or cancelation request to technical support, you may only do so with the customer's permission. Any ticket that has been closed or changed may be escalated to ClickBank for review. If you abuse this policy you will have your refund and cancelation tickets processed immediately and will no longer have the opportunity to try to save sales.

When a refund ticket is processed (after one day, not including weekends), the order is refunded. A refund confirmation email is sent to both you and the customer, and the ticket is closed. The refund confirmation email is the same email confirmation you are sent today.

If the refund request was for a subscription product, only the latest bill in the subscription is refunded, and the subscription is canceled.

When a cancelation ticket is processed, no refund will occur; the subscription is simply canceled and no future billing occurs.

If a customer requests a refund and you do not wish to save the sale, then no action is required. The refund will occur when the ticket is processed after 24 hours.

In our system all refund and cancelation requests generate tickets, including when our customer service agents take requests over the phone. This means that vendors can attempt to save sales even when the customer contacted ClickBank directly on the phone.

Vendor-Requested Refunds and Cancelations

If a customer contacts you directly to request a refund or cancelation, you can initiate a refund or cancelation ticket from within your ClickBank account. You can issue refunds for any sale or bill within the past 90 days. A link to open a ticket on any order is available when you search for transactions (orders) from the Transaction page under the Reporting tab. Click on the T in the left hand column.

As the vendor, when you request a refund/cancelation, the ticket processes in 5 minutes, not 24 hours. It is assumed you do not want to try to save the sale if you enter the request yourself. You have 5 minutes to close the ticket before the refund/cancelation occurs, in case you mistakenly created the ticket.

Technical Support Requests

When a customer requests technical support, an "open ticket" notification is sent to both you and the customer. You can respond to this ticket by clicking the link provided in the notification email. If you are logged into your account, this link takes you directly to the ticket, where you can reply directly to the customer. If you are not logged into your account, you will be prompted to log in. After logging in, you will be taken directly to the ticket, where you can reply directly to the customer.

If you do not reply within 48 hours, we will send a "ticket inactivity warning" email to both you and the customer reminding both parties to either respond to the ticket or to close it if assistance is no longer needed. After two more days of inactivity, we send another warning. If either you or the customer takes no actions within two more days (6 days total), the ticket is closed by our system (tickets will not close on weekends).

A similar process occurs if you have responded, but no response has come from the customer. If the customer has not responded within 7 business days, we send a warning. If 7 more days transpire (14 days total), the ticket is closed by our system (tickets will not close on weekends).

The purpose of these warnings is to prompt both parties to resolve the issue or, if assistance is no longer necessary, close the ticket. If the customer does not feel you are providing them with adequate support, they may always change their ticket from a technical support request to a refund request instead. At that point, a refund will process within 24 hours. This option is highlighted to the customer in the warning emails, so it is in your best interest to provide good support to your customers.

Email Notifications

Ticket emails are sent to your Customer Service Email Address, as specified in your account settings. If there is no specific address for customer service, the emails will be sent to your Account Email Address. ClickBank recommends that you specify a Customer Service Email Address that is different from your Account Email Address so that ticket emails are not intermingled with important client communications from ClickBank.

All ticket emails follow a consistent format that includes a message at the top indicating the reason for the email, followed immediately by the most recent comments. The body of the email contains standard information including a link back to the ticket, the ticket details, the order details, and at the bottom the entire history of comments on the ticket (for reference).

The system will generate the following emails, always sending them to both you and the customer:

  • Open ticket – Sent whenever any ticket is opened.
  • Reply – Sent whenever either party replies (comments) on the ticket.
  • Ticket changed – Sent whenever the type of the ticket is changed, for example from a refund ticket to a technical support ticket, or vice versa.
  • Ticket closed – Sent whenever a ticket is closed, so that both parties have the entire history of the ticket for reference purposes.
  • Ticket inactivity warnings – Sent when a technical support ticket has had no activity for a period of time (time varies depending on who last edited the ticket, you or the customer).

You can view a PDF with samples of all email formats using the following link:


Q: I would prefer to continue sending refund and cancelation requests to and because of the processes I currently have in place – is that possible?

A: This capability is still available but is not recommended. ClickBank has deployed an API to the ticket system that will allow third party ticketing systems to create or close tickets within our system.

Please take steps to stop using these email addresses and use our ticket system instead whenever possible. The preferred method to initiate a refund or cancelation request on behalf of your customer is to open a refund or cancelation ticket by clicking the link in either the purchase notification email or from the Transaction page within your ClickBank account.

Q: What about different time zones?

A: You can specify your time zone within your account by editing your Contact Information on the My Account page on the Account Settings tab. We will use the time zone to determine when your weekend officially starts. Any tickets that are set to expire on Saturday or Sunday (based on your time zone) will not expire until Monday.

Q: Can I have customers contact me for refund requests, instead of contacting ClickBank?

A: You can provide customers with a customer service email address, phone number, or site, and manage their requests. If you enter these contact methods in your account information, we will provide them to customers when asked. See the Updating Your Account Information article for more information.

However, these methods are in addition to ClickBank's customer service department, not a replacement for it. Customers can always contact us directly for refund requests or technical issues.

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