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Order Bump is a feature that lets you configure supplementary products to display on your order form. After a customer selects an initial product, they can choose to add these “bump products” to their order. Bump products are typically products or offers that complement the original product being purchased.

Think of it as “you’re already buying the pasta…add the sauce for just $5 more.”

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You can configure order bumps for any of your products. For each initial product, you can configure up to five bump products, which are presented as additional checkbox options on the order form for the initial product.

Here's an example of an order form with order bumps:

This image is a screenshot of a ClickBank order form with three Order Bump Products Configured. The initial order is Standard Physical Product. Three boxes, each with text and a checkbox, appear on the right. The first says, 'Yes! I'd like to add Sample Physical Product 2 to my order for $9.00.' The second says, 'Include Weekly Recurring Product to my purchase for only $10.99 right now!; The second box also includes details for the recurring product, and an icon indicating that the product is a digital product. The third says, 'Upgrade my order! I'd like to add One TIme Digtal to my order for $20.00.' The third box also includes an icon indicating that the product is a digital product.

Order Bump is compatible with other ClickBank functionality including PitchPlus Upsell FlowsCart (multi-line transactions), Editable Quantity on the Order Form, and Advanced Custom Order Form (ACOF).


By using Order Bump, you enjoy:

  • Increased Average Order Value – Adding easily accessible additional product offerings on the order form stimulates customers to buy more, raising the value of the order.
  • Greater Engagement – Allows you to showcase more products to a potential customer base, increasing customer engagement with the brand.
  • A Smoother Shopping Experience – A customer can add additional products to their cart without leaving the order form.

How the Order is Handled

An order bump appears similar to a Cart transaction in reporting. The customer receives one confirmation email, containing the details of each product in the order.

While the order number will be the same, purchased items will be listed on different lines. A customer can request service or a refund on any individual item within the order without impacting the other items in the order.

When a customer purchases multiple items using Order Bump, the ClickBank fees are taken from the order as a whole, rather than from each item individually.

Video Demonstration

This video provides an overview of how Order Bump works:

Supported Product Types

Order Bump is compatible with digital, physical, one-time, and recurring products, in any combination. Products must be approved and active to be included. All bump products must be the same language as the initial product.

Physical products have some limitations:

Physical Products

All physical products are associated with a shipping profile. When multiple physical products occur within an Order Bump, they must have at least one shipping region in common. If there are no shipping regions in common, you will see an error message during configuration.

If you have multiple physical products with different shipping regions, the order is only available in regions included for every physical product.

For example:

  • Initial product shipping regions: All Regions
  • Bump #1 shipping regions: US
  • Bump #2 shipping regions: US and Canada

In this case, a customer could only ship the products to the US.

Configuring an Order Bump

To configure an order bump for one of your products:

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click My Products.
  4. Click Order Bumps.
    The Order Bumps tab is displayed. For example:
    This image shows the Order Bumps tab. The existing order bumps are displayed in a table that shows their initial products and order bump products.
  5. Click the ADD NEW: ORDER BUMP button.
  6. Click the Add Initial Product button. Select the initial product you’d like to create the Order Bump for, then click the ADD INITIAL PRODUCT button.
  7. Click the Add Bump Product button to add up to five bump products, then click ADD BUMP PRODUCT(S) to confirm.
    The Order Bump Configuration page is displayed. For example:
    This image shows the Order Bump Configuration page. The initial product is listed at the top. Two additional products are listed beneath, and each product has a selected Order Bump text.
  8. Select the text to go with each bump. Choose from either ClickBank text or approved Custom Text that you’ve created.
  9. Drag and drop bump products into the appropriate order if necessary. The bump products are displayed in the order you select on the customer's order form.
  10. Click the SAVE ORDER BUMP button to activate your new Order Bump.
  11. When the customer goes to purchase the product you’ve just created an Order Bump for, the bump products you’ve chosen displays on the order form. 

Text Options

When you are creating an order bump, you can choose either pre-written ClickBank text or create your own custom text. Custom text must be approved before it can be used.

ClickBank Text

You can select a pre-written description from a number of drop down options while configuring your order bump. For recurring products, the rebill terms populate automatically in the bump product’s box.

For example, these standard text options are available for a physical item:

This image shows the current ClickBank text options available for an Order Bump. This text is visible as a dropdown menu during Order Bump configuration.

Custom Text

You can write your own custom text to accompany a bump product. Each custom text option can use up to 250 characters. Once you've written the text, you submit it to ClickBank’s approval process; it becomes usable once it is approved. Multiple custom text requests can be submitted at one time.

You can manage your custom ad text through the Order Bump tab by clicking the Manage Custom Order Bump Text button on the Order Bumps screen.

For example, here is a user's custom text screen:

 This image shows an example user's Custom Order Bump text, including the product, product type, custom text, and approval status. 

To create new custom text options, click Custom Order Bump Text in the Add New section.

Add one or more new text options, then click Submit for Approval. You can add additional text options by clicking Add Additional Text.

For example, this is the custom text addition page:

This image shows the custom Order Bump text addition page. There are three rows with a text box for adding additional text. There are buttons to add additional text, to cancel, and to submit for approval.

Once custom text has been approved, you receive an update email that the custom text is available for use in the Order Bump Configuration screen. The approval status is also displayed on the custom text screen. Any changes made to already approved custom text is re-submitted for approval.

To submit changes for approval, click the Edit icon next to a custom text entry. Edit one or more of the existing text options, then click Submit for Approval.

For example, this page shows a user editing their existing custom text options:

This image shows the custom Order Bump text editing page. There are three rows with previously submitted text options, and indicators for the approval status of those text options. There are buttons to add additional text, to cancel, and to submit for approval.

Compatibility with Other Features

This section explains how Order Bump works with other ClickBank features.


While both Order Bump and an Upsell Flow offer customers additional products for purchase, they are not the same thing. An Order Bump exists on the order form and occurs before a purchase is complete. An upsell flow kicks off after a customer has completed a purchase.

With Upsell Flows:

  • A product can be set up with both an Order Bump and an upsell flow.
  • The same product can be offered in the Order Bump and in the upsell flow. However, once the customer has purchased the product (either as part of the original Cart purchase or through an Order Bump), the same product will not be offered again as part of the upsell flow.

Editable Quantity

If you are using the Editable Quantity on the Order Form feature (passing a parameter via the Hoplink), then it will function normally. When used with Order Bump, customers can edit the quantity for the initial product as normal. Bump products are not affected by the quantity adjustments.

Instant Notification

Version 6 of Instant Notifications supports line item level details, so it sends information about each item within an Order Bump order. See the Instant Notification Service article for information about using Instant Notifications.

NOTE – Earlier versions of Instant Notifications do not support line item details, meaning that they are not compatible with Order Bump.

ClickBank APIs

The Orders and Tickets APIs support accessing information from multi-line transaction orders. You can use the SKU (item number) to request a specific line item from a multi-line transaction. The APIs return an error status if you make a call involving a multi-line transaction without providing the SKU.

See the ClickBank APIs article for information about using the APIs.

Advanced Custom Order Form (ACOF)

You can use ACOF with Order Bump. The Order Bump can be styled to continue an ACOF theme. To customize Order Bump for ACOF, use the following CSS classes:

  • .cb_bump_container – The container for all bump boxes. The bump container is transparent by default.
  • .cb_bump_box – A box containing a single bump product. You can customize:
    • Background color
    • Background image
    • Border color
    • Border width
    • Box height
    • Box width
  • .cb_bump_text – The custom text for each bump box. You can customize:
    • Text color
    • Font size
    • Font weight
  • .cb_bump_check – The checkbox for each bump box.

For example:

This image shows the advanced custom order form options for an Order Bump. .cb_bump_container is a box surrounding all of the Order Bump options. .cb_bump_box is a box surrounding each individual Order Bump option. .cb_bump_text is the custom text for each Order Bump. .cb_bump_check is the checkbox for each Order Bump.

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