Training: Using Continuity Programs for Ongoing Income

In this module, we'll show you how you can generate consistent, recurring income by creating recurring billing products. The videos below will teach you why and how to create and sell them.


Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Case Studies & Brainstorming

Video 3: Creating Your Product, ClickBank Rules, and Third Parties

Video 4: Saving & Submitting Your Product To ClickBank For Approval

Video 5: Delivering a Good Buying Experience

Companion Materials

Continuity Checklist
Continuity Programs - Guide

Why Every Vendor Should Consider Creating a Continuity Program

While some vendors are taking advantage of ClickBank’s automated recurring billing system and earning continuous income from the same customers, other vendors are only selling products that offer a one-time charge and are missing out on a very large income opportunity. As mentioned in “Why Every Vendor Should Create Additional Products,” being able to offer your customer a variety of products, including a recurring billing product, adds to your credibility as an expert in your field.  A customer willing to be billed monthly is also a customer willing to purchase the additional products you sell. We’ve done the math.  Adding a recurring billing product to your product line can increase your per-customer value by an average of 282%!

Show me how it’s done…

Case study

247fun -

Pitch Page offers a product for $19.95/month. Pitch Page is clear and sets the appropriate customer expectation on what they will receive and how they will be billed. The vendor has a LOT of customers paying this monthly access fee. He’s had customers continue on with the program for years! These customers have a high dollar subscription value.  All due to creating a reasonably priced member’s only area that is continuously filled with new/relevant content.

What do I need to create a continuity program?

Continuity programs aren’t for everyone.  First, you need to evaluate your niche and determine if it’s possible for you to deliver fresh content to your customers on an ongoing basis. You have to know that each time a customer is rebilled, you can provide them with something new. If you’re unable to create a member’s only area product that delivers constant content, there are still options. You can provide customers access to a paid forum. Perhaps you’re able to create a software, tool, or plugin. In this case, customers are paying for continued access to it, rather than for new material every month. If you’ve decided you’re up for the challenge, you’ll need to make some decisions on how your product will be delivered to customers. Will you be using a member’s only area?  Do you want to provide articles?  A podcast?  Maybe a video series?  If you create a software product, how will customers access it?  Will the product be downloadable?  Or does the customer need to log into some sort of dashboard to use it?

Next, if you’re creating a member’s only area, you’ll need to decide how often you’re able to provide this content to your members. ClickBank allows vendors to bill customers on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. You’ll also need to decide how long the customer will be billed for. Can you only provide enough content to fill a year, or do you have the ability to create content on a more permanent basis?  ClickBank allows you the opportunity to offer either open-ended continuity (i.e., goes on indefinitely) or fixed continuity (i.e., bills a specific number of times, then ends). An example of fixed continuity might be a 3 month workshop, with new lessons delivered each month.

For a members-only area, one of the most important decisions you will need to make will be choosing the program you use to manage your membership. There are many options for managing continuity programs. For example, a product called WishList Member is very popular among recurring billing vendors that use WordPress for their websites.  You could also use AmemberMemberGate, and Digital Access Pass.   Visit each of their sites and decide which one works best for you and meets the needs of your customers.

Delivering a Good Buying Experience

The key to a successful continuity program is transparency.  You need to be crystal clear with your customers on how they access the member’s only area.  Your Pitch Page should explicitly state what the customer will receive for their initial payment and then each rebill and it should also plainly state the pricing information.  For example: “Each month you will receive 10 new recipes to help you on your weight loss journey.  Not only that, but you’ll also receive 5 videos of exercises you can add to your workout to achieve maximum weight loss.  Your initial charge will be $19.95. You will then be charged $19.95/month as long as you wish to remain a member.” If you’re offering a software product, you need to explain why the customer is being billed further: You can create ebook covers, 3D images, banners, flash banners, and more.  This software allows you to create unlimited graphics you can use on your websites for the cost of $9.95/month. You need to provide thorough customer service channels to support your members.  Make sure you honor a customer’s request to cancel their membership.  If a customer contacts you letting you know they can’t access the member’s only area, reply right away and help them gain the access they have paid for.  Being thorough in your customer service will not only keep customers from canceling, but it will increase your credibility as vendor in both the eyes of customers and potential affiliates.

Do’s & Don’ts

DO your homework.  Sit down and be honest with yourself.  Can you create enough content to run a members-only area and meet your customers’ expectations?  Make a list of everything you know about your niche and see if it’s possible for you to take that knowledge and use it to create both a recurring billing membership and a series of standard billing products.

DON’T make life difficult for your customers.  If a customer wants to cancel, make sure the process is easy for them to follow.  It’s still a good idea to ask why they are canceling so you can make improvements to your product, but don’t refuse their request.  Just because the membership product didn’t work out for them, doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in any of your current or future standard billing products.

DON’T use an ambiguous Pitch Page.  A Pitch Page that provides a hazy version of the important details might convert well, but you can be sure leaving vital information will result in refunds, cancelations, and the loss of your credibility.

DO maximize the opportunity your membership product can create.  Consider adding a Recommended Products section to your member’s only area.  Here you could provide offers for your standard products.  Really utilize the member’s only area to offer your standard products to customers.  You can also recommend useful products from other vendors to your customers and earn commissions as an affiliate!


  • Brainstorm the recurring billing product you will create
  • Decide on a content delivery platform for your product
  • Create the product
  • Use the instructions in the Creating Your First Product article to submit the product for approval
  • Once it’s approved, start offering it to your customers!
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