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You can use PayPal Direct Link to send customers directly from your Pitch Page to a PayPal payment page.

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If you’re tech savvy, and if you have a large customer base that purchases your products using PayPal, you may wish to consider trying out PayPal Direct Link. 

PayPal Direct Link allows you take customers directly from your Pitch Page over to PayPal. Customers will still purchase your product through ClickBank, but they will bypass our order form and be led straight to PayPal. By taking customers directly to PayPal, you eliminate a step in the ordering process, which could lead to higher sales conversion.

To use this feature, you will either need a Pitch Page that’s localized to a certain country, or you will need to collect specific data from the customer and pass that data to ClickBank’s payment link in the form of a query string parameter.

NOTE – Passing data is for advanced users and should only be attempted if you know how to collect this data and then pass it.

For Customers In Most Countries

If you’re running a localized Pitch Page, you can provide a payment link that includes the country’s 2-letter ISO code. For example:

"paymentMethod=pypl" denotes that customers will be taken directly to PayPal. "country=XX" denotes the country the customer is in.

The most popular countries for PayPal transactions and their 2-letter ISO codes are listed below:

  • GB – Great Britain
  • ES – Spain
  • MX – Mexico
  • ZA – South Africa
  • PR – Puerto Rico
  • IL – Israel
  • DE – Germany
  • IT – Italy
  • SG – Singapore
  • IE – Ireland
  • NZ – New Zealand
  • AT – Austria
  • FR – France
  • NL – Netherlands
  • CH – Switzerland
  • MY – Malaysia
  • NO – Norway
  • BE – Belgium

As an example, if you have a Pitch Page that’s specifically intended for customers in Germany, you would place the following payment link on your Pitch Page:

If you'd like to create a localized Pitch Page for a country you don't see above, see Worldatlas for a list of all countries and their 2-letter ISO code.

To cover your bases and ensure you’re giving customers every option to buy, we recommend placing two payment links on your Pitch Page. One is a general payment link that will give customers the option to pay with any of the standard payment methods we accept. The other is a PayPal Direct Link for customers who have already decided they want to pay with PayPal.

For tax purposes, you’ll need to collect and pass additional query strings in order to use this feature for customers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

For customers in the United States, Canada, or Australia

You need to collect zip / postal code for customers in Canada and Australia and pass that as a query string parameter (in addition to payment method and country).

At a minimum, you will need to collect a zip code for customers in the United States. If the customer lives in certain counties in the following states: Colorado, New York, North Carolina, Arkansas, Illinois, California, or Pennsylvania, you will need to collect their zip code and county in order to send them directly to PayPal. In some cases, their city may also be necessary.

You can choose to only pass through zip code for US customers if you don’t want to collect additional fields like county, state and city. Customers who need to enter further information will be directed to our order form to complete the necessary fields before going to PayPal. Those customers who only need to enter zip code will proceed directly to PayPal.

If you are unsure how to collect or pass this data in a query string, you can still offer a Pitch Page with a country-specific payment link for these countries. In that case, customer will be taken to our order form first. After they give the appropriate details, they will then be routed to PayPal. If this happens, you can still use your custom order form if you have one. To do so, your PayPal Direct Link will need to offer the necessary parameters in the following order:

For the parameter “cbskin=XXX”, replace XXX with your cbskin URL parameter. See the Custom Order Form article for more information.

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