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    dainis michel (Edited )

    thank you very much for the information in this article. i have been experimenting with pricing/donation concepts for for over a decade. 

    at one point, membership "cost" $17/month, and even at just under 50 members, the workload was overwhelming for me! i just could not handle the severity of the member needs. 

    but, i have felt bad about restricting people in need from accessing valuable, helpful, healing information, and because tinnitus is such a volatile condition, well, suicide is even one of its side effects. how horrible would it be, if someone were completely distraught -- and then presented with a sales page that would help them -- but they're out of money? it would be terrible!

    so i structured the page to be: if you want to donate, then donate a dollar, and you can get in, but if you want to pay, then pay. 

    ...which has led to no one knowing what's going on at all and a total perception of "no value to be had here." 

    so now, i am going to experiment with an powered membership level that requires ad views for the free membership -- and the paid ones will be more expensive -- basically because the workload per member is impossible to deal with at a lower price -- and people apparently also "respect" higher prices and consider more expensive things to be "better." our experience is that the members who came and paid a reasonable fee - are also those who had the best results in improving their health. 

    ...i've put a tremendous amount of energy, love, care, and work into creating, and it would be great if my current pricing structure experiment would work well...

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    Owen Allen


    Thanks for the comment. Best of luck finding the right pricing model for your site.

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