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ClickBank’s Custom Order Form feature gives you an easy way to increase conversion rates by making the end consumer’s buying experience as seamless as possible. By adding your own branding, graphics and color scheme to the ClickBank Order Form, you make the transition between your Pitch Page and the ClickBank Order Form less confusing for consumers. In our beta testing with selected vendors, the Custom Order Form usually increases conversions compared to the default ClickBank Order Form.

The following subjects are covered in this article:

New Version

In the coming weeks, ClickBank will switch to an updated version of our order form. The new version has a number of benefits:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Modernized appearance
  • Cart abandonment notifications

In early June, we will begin offering the new order form. Products using an order form with basic customization or no customization will automatically use the new order form.

Adding Images

To create a Custom Order Form, you must first have an approved product in an activated account within ClickBank. If you do not have an approved product in an activated account, you will not see the My Images or My Order Form navigation links referenced below. Once you have an activated product, the next step is to create and upload two image types: a Header Image and an Upper Corner Image. The image specifications are as follows:

  • Header Image – Must be in .gif, .jpg or .png file format. Width must be 760 pixels. Height may be anywhere between 40 pixels and 170 pixels. Image must be under 500kb in size.
  • Upper Corner Image (optional) – Must be in .gif, .jpg or .png file format. Image will repeat horizontally, so we recommend using a solid color or a vertical gradient. Width can be anywhere between 1 pixel and 20 pixels. Height must be the same as your Header Image, and can vary between 40 pixels and 170 pixels.

ClickBank is unable to accept images, image name tags, and image alt tags that contain nudity, profanity, copyrighted material or trademark names, or anything that violates any of ClickBank’s policies. ClickBank is also unable to accept images, image name tags, and image alt tags that display trust seals such as McAfee or VeriSign.

To add an image:

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click My Images.
  4. Click Add New Image.
    The Add New Image page is displayed. For example:
    This image shows the Add New Image page. There are fields for Name, Alt Tag, Image Type, and Image. All fields are required. There is a checkbox with the text 'By checking this box, I certify that the image I'm loading does not violate the terms and conditions set forth in the ClickBank Client Contract.' At the bottom are two buttons labeled Upload and Cancel.
  5. Enter the image details:
    • Name – An internal identifier for the image.
    • Alt Tag – This text is displayed if the image cannot be displayed, or if a user is using a screen reader to process the page. This should be a concise description of the image.
    • Image Type – Specify whether the image is a Header Image or an Upper Corner Image.
  6. Choose an image file to upload.
  7. Review the ClickBank Client Contract, then confirm that the image does not violate its terms and conditions.
  8. Click Upload.
    The image is uploaded and submitted to ClickBank for approval.
    Our Business Services team will send you an approval or denial email within 1 business day.

Creating a Custom Order Form

Once your image(s) have been approved, you can create your custom order form.

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click My Order Form.
  4. Click Add New Template.
    The My Order Form page is displayed. For example:
    This image shows the My Order Form page. The fields are Type, Template Name, Sidebar Color, Header Image, Upper Corner Image, Order Form Color, and Show on Success Page. There are two buttons at the bottom labeled Save Changes and Cancel.
  5. Enter your order form details:
    • Type – Select Advanced.
    • Template Name – A name for the order form template.
    • Sidebar Color – Choose the color (by typing in a specific hex code or choosing from the color picker we provide) that will appear on the order form page to the left and right of the box where customers enter their payment details.
    • Header Image – Choose an approved image to display at the top of the order form.
    • (Optional) Upper Corner Image – Choose an approved image to display in the upper corner of the order form.
    • Order Form Color – The color scheme of the payment details box. Select Taupe or Blue.
    • Show On Success Page – Check this box to display the custom images and colors on the success page where customers access their purchases.
  6. Click Save Changes.
    Your Custom Order Form template is now complete.

Using a Custom Order Form

There is one step left to making your Custom Order Form active. On the My Order Form page, to the right of your existing order form template(s), you’ll see a column called URL parameter.

This parameter will look like: cbskin=#

You’ll need to copy that URL parameter, and then locate any Payment Links on your Pitch Page (for example, if you have a “Buy Now” button).

Payment Links have the following format:

Add a question mark and then the cbskin parameter to the end of each Payment Link you have. The resulting Payment Link should look like this (your cbskin number is displayed in the My Order Form section):

Once you’ve updated all of your Payment Links on your Pitch Page, your Custom Order Form will start displaying to customers immediately. By creating multiple Custom Order Forms and swapping out the cbskin parameter on your Payment Links, you can test out different headers and color schemes to see what converts best for you.

Compatibility With Other Features

PitchPlus Upsell Flows

If you are using PitchPlus Upsell Flows along with a custom order form, you must pass the skin parameter before you pass the flow ID parameter on the pay link. For example:


If you want to add additional customization to your order form, see the Advanced Custom Order Form article for more information.

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