Vendor Overview

This article explains how to get started as a ClickBank vendor once you've signed up for an account.

  1. Decide what type of products you want to sell. Some product types have additional considerations:
  2. Create a pitch page for your product:
  3. Create a thank you page for your product:
  4. Create your product within the ClickBank system.
  5. Consider additional features to increase conversion rates and average sale values:
  6. Attract affiliates to promote your products. These features can help you:
    • Affiliate Finder – This tool connects you with affiliates who have promoted products similar to yours.
    • Marketplace description – Affiliates browsing the marketplace will see your description.
    • Affiliate Tools Page – Affiliate tools, such as banners, copy, and other resources, make it easier to promote your products.
    • Commission tiers and whitelists – You can give special commission rates to selected affiliates, or only work with affiliates you know and trust.
  7. Provide effective customer support. These features can help you manage customer requests:
    • Master account – Master accounts let you view data and manage tickets for multiple ClickBank accounts.
    • Ticket management – You manage tickets to provide assistance to customers.
    • Subscription Management – If you sell recurring products, you can use Subscription Management to pause, resume, or alter ongoing subscriptions.
    • ClickBank APIs – You can use the APIs to access details about orders, tickets, and shipping information.
  8. Track trends in your products' sales using ClickBank and third-party tracking tools:
  9. Get paid using your selected payment method.
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