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How To Set Up Your Lead Capture

posted this on May 22, 2013 12:56

Setting up your lead capture in the ClickBank Powered platform is pretty simple.

First, you'll create the text. You'll set a headline, an advertisement, and then the text for your call to action button. 

Next, you'll provide an image or a video for your lead capture. You have the option to provide a regular photo, a photo that we will use to create a bookcover, or a video.

When you save a product in ClickBank Powered, you must create your Give Away Page. This is the page we will show your lead after they opt in so they can access their product.

To start building the page, give your page a title. After you provide a page title, we give you with the ability to add rows that offer different column options. Simply click the type of row you wish to add and it will appear under the page title.

The newly added row will show a plus sign in the center of the box. Click that icon to see a list of available options:


You are welcome to use as many of the options as you like. If you're offering an ebook or an audio file, click the option to upload a file. If your give away is a video or a series of videos, click the option to embed or upload your video(s). If you're offering a combination of products for your give away, you can add as many rows as you need to ensure prospects receive the full give away.

It's important to note that if you select File Upload, you will be asked to provide a title and description for the file. Please remember that we present this information to your prospects, so choose the text for these fields wisely!

When you're done, click the Save button. You can see how your lead capture looks by clicking the link View Your Website in the upper right-hand corner.

Below you can see an example of how we put your lead capture together on your website.


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