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Mobile Features to Reach More Buyers

posted this on February 4, 2013, 11:25


ClickBank has introduced a number of mobile features that our vendors and affiliates can take advantage of to reach mobile users and increase sales.

Hop Traffic Management determines if a user is navigating a HOPLINK™ referral tracking URL using a mobile device and if so, routes them to an optional mobile HopLink target URL specified by the vendor that lands the visitor on a mobile-optimized Pitch Page. If the user places an order, the Mobile Optimized Order Form will present the ClickBank order form optimized for mobile devices with consideration for that form factor. Lastly, the Hop Traffic Management will route a consumer to a mobile Thank You Page URL if they complete their purchase on a mobile device.

For affiliates and vendors, a 2D barcode version of the encrypted HopLink URL will now be presented for every HopLink created by clicking the Promote button from the ClickBank Marketplace. These 2D barcodes can be scanned by a mobile phone with a barcode reader (examples include QR Codes) which will then automatically open the browser to the HopLink encoded by the 2D barcode.

Hop Traffic Management

Consumers will navigate HopLinks using a variety of browsers and devices. Typically, a Pitch Page or campaign has been designed to work effectively with a few standard web browsers.  Whereas screen size can vary from 1024x768, 800x600, etc. on personal computers, mobile devices have much greater limitations and variability due to the form factor and speed of the network. A common challenge is to design pages that work on both cases. While transcoding and other tools do exist to help overcome this challenge, a better approach is to build separate versions of your site for mobile devices and personal computers.

ClickBank now offers vendors the opportunity to include a mobile HopLink target URL in addition to their normal HopLink target URL. When a consumer navigates a Hop™, ClickBank will determine if that user is on a mobile browser or PC and will route the user to the mobile HopLink target URL or web-based HopLink target URL as appropriate and as defined by the vendor.  This automatic device detection and routing eliminates the need for heavy software engineering on the part of vendors.  Also, ClickBank will allow vendors to specify a mobile Thank You Page URL for each product. This page is displayed to the user in the event they complete their purchase on a mobile device.

Providing a Mobile HopLink Target

To provide a mobile HopLink target URL, navigate to My Site under Settings and edit your site information. You will find a new field called Mobile HopLink Target URL where you can enter the Pitch Page destination for any consumer on a mobile device.

Important: Please note that this field should only be filled out by ClickBank vendors, and should only be used if the page is an actual mobile-optimized page. Otherwise, please leave it blank. Affiliates should not enter a Mobile HopLink Target URL! 


Providing a Mobile Thank You Page

Important: Please note that this field should only be filled out by ClickBank vendors, and should only be used if the page is an actual mobile-optimized page. Otherwise, please leave it blank. Affiliates should not enter a Mobile Thank You Page URL!

For each product, you may also enter a Mobile Thank You Page URL. It is very important to understand that consumers will access your product immediately after purchasing, so if they are on a mobile device you should consider the user experience on that device. To improve this experience, you can include a mobile Thank You Page URL that will give ClickBank a place to route the customer after they have completed their purchase. To enter the Mobile Thank You Page URL, edit or create a product and provide the URL in the new field as follows: 


Mobile Optimized Order Form

If a user reaches the ClickBank order form on a mobile device, ClickBank will now present a different version of the order form that includes user interface elements optimized for presentation on a smartphone. This will make it easier to enter payment details and increase conversions over today’s “pinch-zoom-scroll” experience. Here is an example of the form and the corresponding order confirmation page:




The ClickBank Marketplace and Mobile

In the ClickBank Marketplace, vendors who have a mobile HopLink target URL will be indicated with an icon of a mobile phone. In addition, a link to the mobile version of the Pitch Page is provided:


 In addition, a new search filter is available from the advanced search screen of the ClickBank Marketplace which will allow you to only receive results where the vendor has provided a mobile HopLink target URL: 


HopCode™ 2D Barcode Encoded HopLinks

Also within the ClickBank Marketplace, when the Promote button is clicked, a new version of the Affiliate Program screen is displayed that now includes a 2D barcode representing the encrypted HopLink. Multiple sizes are available for download determined by your specific need. Any consumer who scans the HopLink with their smartphone will be prompted to open the link in their browser. This Hop credits the affiliate just like any other browser navigation method. Here is an example of this screen: 



For vendors submitting products and who have a Mobile HopLink Target URL, the mobile pitch page will be screened for compliance with the ClickBank Client Contract and guidelines, just as web pitch pages are screened. If your product is rejected, you will receive a notice from ClickBank with steps that you must take to bring it into compliance.

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