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Signing Up For a ClickBank Account

posted this on December 26, 2012, 12:56

To sign up for an account follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the ClickBank Signup Form.
  2. Enter your personal information:
    • Preferred Language – This is the language in which the user interface and messages for your account are displayed.
    • Country – The country in which you live or in which your business operates.
    • First Name – Your first name.
    • Last Name – Your last name.
    • Street Address – The street address for you or your business.
    • Apt / Suite / Other – If you or your business have an apartment, suite, or other number, enter that number here.
    • Zip Code or Postal Code – If your country uses zip codes or postal codes, enter the postal code for you or your business.
    • State or Province – The state or province where you live or where your business operates.
    • City – The city where you live or where your business operates.
    • Phone Number – The primary phone number for you or for your business.
    • Email Address – The email address for you or for your business.
  3. Click Next Step.
    The banking information page is displayed.
  4. Enter your banking information:
    • Payee Name – The payee name is the business or person who receives payments from your ClickBank account. You can change the payee name at any time.
    • Bank Name – The name of your bank.
    • Banking Country – The country in which you do business with your bank.
    • Tax ID – If your business is based in the US, you must enter either your business' Employer Identification Number (EIN) or your Social Security Number (SSN).
  5. Review the Client Contract and check the checkbox indicating that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.
  6. Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge.
  7. Click Next Step.
    The account information page is displayed.
  8. Enter your account information:
    • Account Nickname – Choose an account nickname. Your nickname is used to log in to the user interface, is part of your payment links, and is entered in the comment field of checks sent to you by ClickBank. It must be between five and ten characters and must use only letters and numbers. Your nickname cannot be changed once your account is created.
    • Password – Create a password for your account. The character and length restrictions are displayed on the signup page. You can reset your password at any point, either through the UI or by having a password reset email sent to the email address associated with your account.
    • Link Existing Account – If you have an existing ClickBank account, you can associate your new account with your existing account by checking the checkbox and entering your existing account nickname.
  9. Click Submit Account Registration.
    The ClickBank Client Survey is displayed, and a confirmation email is sent to the email address that you provided.
  10. Fill out the ClickBank Client survey and click Submit Survey.
    The ClickBank University page is displayed. Optionally, you can sign up for ClickBank University to learn more.
  11. Open the confirmation email and click the confirmation link.
    Your email address is confirmed and your account is fully created.

To sign up for a ClickBank account you must have Javascript and cookies enabled in order for our pages to function properly. To check these settings follow the browser specific instructions below.

  • Firefox - Select the Firefox menu and choose Preferences. Click on the Content tab and make sure the box marked Enable JavaScript is checked. Then click on the Privacy tab and make sure the boxes marked Accept cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies are both checked.
  • Internet Explorer - Select the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Click on Security and make sure the security level zone is set to Medium-High. Then click on Privacy and set the cookies level to Medium.

Logging In to Your Account

Once you've signed up for your ClickBank account and received your password, you can log in at any time by clicking Log In at the top of the ClickBank site and entering your nickname (also known as your Account ID or Username) and your password. If you forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking Forgot Your Password? below the login boxes.

Accepted Countries

We accept affiliates and vendors from over 150 countries. To see a full list of accepted countries, visit our signup page and click the Country dropdown. If your country is not listed, you cannot sign up for a ClickBank account. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

Collecting Taxes

Because ClickBank is considered the final retailer/reseller for all products sold through ClickBank, it is our responsibility to collect and remit various types of sales taxes based on the customer's location. ClickBank automatically collects and remits taxes for jurisdictions in which ClickBank is legally required to do so. In addition to taxes collected due to our corporate status or "nexus," here is more information about tax requirements in specific jurisdictions:

European Union VAT: As of July 1, 2003, online retailers of digital products, including ClickBank, are required to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) for products purchased by customers with a billing address located in the European Union (EU), as well as Norway as of July 2011 and Iceland as of 2012. ClickBank is responsible for remitting applicable sales tax since ClickBank resells the products to customers. The affiliate is not responsible for remitting the VAT.

Japan: Flat 8% tax on products. Effective November 2015.

Poland: 22% VAT Tax, Effective January 1, 2016.

Romania: 20% VAT Tax, Effective January 1, 2016.

South Africa: Flat 14% VAT on products. Effective December 2014.

South Korea: Flat 8% tax on products. Effective August, 2015. 

United States: Specific states and locations may be subject to additional sales tax. Specifics include:

NC and Broomfield County, CO – All products

AL- Tax applied on physical and software products. Effective 01/01/2016. 

AR - Tax applied to shippable media items only. Multiple jurisdiction (i.e., county and city) tax rates. Effective Oct 1, 2011.

CO - Physical/shippable products

CA – Tax physical product effective 08/01/2011

CT- Tax applied at a single, statewide rate. However, that rate will vary based on the type of product. Any shippable media product will be taxed at 6%. All other products are taxed at 1%. Effective July 1, 2011.

ID - Software products and physical/shippable products

IL- Tax applied to items tagged as software and shippable media items. Multiple jurisdiction (i.e., county and city) tax rates. Effective July 1, 2011.

LA - Tax digital and physical product effective 04/01/2016

ME – Tax digital and physical product effective 10/09/2013

MI – Tax on Software & Physical Goods effective 10/01/2015

MN - Tax applied to all products including digitally delivered products including the right to use or access are taxable – audio, audiovisual, digital books, digital code. Effective July 1, 2013

NJ – Tax digital and physical product effective 04/09/2014

NV – Tax on Physical Goods effective 10/01/2015

NY - Collecting tax on physical and software

OH - Tax digital and physical product effective 8/1/2015

PA – Tax digital and physical product effective 10/01/2012

RI - Collecting tax on physical and software

SD- Collecting sales tax on digital, physical, software and shipping effective 5/1/2016. 

TN-Collecting tax on all products 08/01/2015

WA - Tax digital and physical product effective 9/1/2015

VT - Tax digital and physical product effective 12/1/2015


Q: Did I sign up as a ClickBank affiliate or vendor? I'm afraid I signed up for the wrong type of account.
A: Don't worry, all ClickBank accounts can be used as a vendor, affiliate, or both. You don't need to sign up for another account; you can use your existing account for whatever purpose you want, regardless of whether you signed up from the vendor or affiliate page.

Q: I am moving to a country that is not listed on your accepted countries list. Does this mean I can no longer use my ClickBank account?
A: Yes, unfortunately this means that you will no longer be able to use your ClickBank account. If you are in this situation and have money in your ClickBank account, and have met the stipulations of our payment policy, we will send your remaining check(s) to the address currently listed in your ClickBank account. Please be sure to have your mail forwarded with your local mail service.

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